BearNecessities was born – as many great ideas are – from a chance comment.

We’ve been collecting for refugees over the last year-18months, and recently for local homeless in our area too.

Very small-scale stuff you understand, but we do what we can.

We were donated a box of brand new bears to pass on to children who might need them – which made us think: children do need bears, we could get more…

Cuddly toys are such a fundamental part of most children’s upbringing in our culture, something to hug, something to love, something soft. But what if you’re a small child going through a tough time and need an extra hug?

Tatty Bear (pictured on our homepage) was one of those first donated, and he’s decided to stick around with us for the ride as our mascot, to see if he can get more bears to join in.

Our aim is to collect teddies and distribute them to a wide range of children, both here in the UK and overseas. They might be refugee children, families within our own community who need a bit of extra support, kids dealing with illness, bereavement… Sadly the list is almost endless.

These are very early days for BearNecessities, and we do this from home around our normal family chaos… but we’ll collect some bears, and look for children who might need that extra hug.

Follow our journey on Facebook, through regular blog updates; and please forgive us bear-related puns, it’s just too tempting.

Thanks for reading

Bear hugs,
Helen & Steve